01. What is Ijazah?

  • Ijazah (Arabic: إِجَازَة) or Sanad literal meaning is “permission,” “authorization,” or “license.” In Quranic studies, it is the certification by a qualified teacher to a student on successfully mastering the recitation and memorization of the Quran with proper Tajweed (rules of Quranic pronunciation).
  • Ijazah is not a mere academic qualification in Islam. It dates to the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and ensures the preserved Quranic recitation in its purest form. This concept plays a critical role in upholding the authenticity and integrity of Islamic knowledge across generations. Ijazah requires a student to study hard and demonstrate an understanding of Islam and the Quran’s teachings.

02. Types of Ijazah?

  • Quranic Ijazah: It verifies that an individual has completely memorized the Quran and mastered Tajweed.
  • Hadith Ijazah: It grants permission to the holder to transmit specific collections of Hadith (prophetic sayings and actions), along with their meticulously documented chains of transmission (Isnad).
  • Ijazah in specific texts: Its authorization covers diverse disciplines such as jurisprudence (Fiqa), Qur’anic interpretation (tafsir), and Islamic beliefs (Aqeedah).

03. Why Should You Get an Ijazah?

  • It is considered a distinguished honor among Islamic scholars and Muslims.
  • To establish scholarly authority and legitimacy in the specific field,
  • To properly teach and guide others.

04. Why Learn Ijazah Online?

It takes a lot of work to get Ijazah. Certain challenges may hinder the progress of new learners, especially in the absence of proper guidance and resources.

05. Require a Significant Time

It requires a significant amount of time, which can challenge individuals with busy schedules. Onlinemadrasa.org addresses this challenge by offering flexible schedules.

06. Availability of Good Institutions

Finding qualified teachers and reputable institutions in non-Muslim countries takes a lot of work. Even in Muslim countries, it is hard to see a good institution. Onlinemadrasa.org eliminates this barrier, connecting learners with experienced teachers worldwide.

07. Quality of Instructors

Finding a qualified and experienced teacher is crucial for effective Ijazah learning. Onlinemadrasa.org has a rigorous selection process, ensuring knowledgeable and certified instructors guide learners.

08. Motivation

The road to earning Ijazah requires perseverance. Onlinemadrasa.org addresses this challenge by incorporating motivational tools, support forums, and interactive learning methods to keep learners engaged and inspired.

09. Who can join this Course?

It is an advanced course designed especially for people who want to enhance their understanding of the Quran and Islam. It gives you a professional qualification to teach people the Quran. Besides, its advanced program can increase your expertise in Juri.

10. What will you Learn in this Course? (Key Highlights and Course Outline)?

  • Introduction to Ijazah & its Historical Significance.
  • Understanding Different Chains of Transmission (Isnaad).
  • Diving into the Ten Qira’at (Readings) of the Quran.
  • Recitation Precision: Mastering Tajweed with Perfection.
  • Memorization Techniques for Retaining Longer Passages.
  • In-depth Study of Renowned Qaris and Their Styles.
  • Interactive Sessions with Certified Ijazah Holders.
  • Detailed Analysis of Textual Variations in Qira’at.
  • Emphasis on Voice Modulation & Rhythmic Flow in Recitation.
  • Practical Evaluation: Regular Assessments by Experts.
  • Learning the Etiquettes and Responsibilities of Ijazah Holders.
  • Final Ijazah Certification Test and Evaluation.
  • Post-certification: Upholding the Tradition & Further Studies.

11. Objectives of the Course

  • To make the student an authority in Islamic teachings and understanding the Quran.
  • To act as a vital link in the Islamic knowledge-sharing and preserving system chain.

12. Conclusion

Onlinemadrasa.org represents a harmonious blend of tradition and technology, offering a solution to the challenges faced by new learners. In the modern era of the online education revolution, Onlinemadrasa.org serves as a gateway for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the Quran, fostering a spiritual journey transcending geographical limitations and time constraints. As technology advances, online Ijazah learning is poised to play an integral role in preserving and perpetuating the sacred art of Quranic recitation.