01. What is Tajweed?

  • Tajweed (to beautify or to perfect in Arabic), is the science of reciting the Quran in correct pronunciation, so its meaning is not changed.
  • It is derived from the Arabic root word “j-w-d,” meaning “to make better” or “to improve. It is a set of rules and guidelines that ensure the recitation conveys the exact meaning that is intended by the holy text.

02. Who can use it?

This course is suitable for anyone who intends to learn to recite with proper pronunciation and understanding. Generally, it takes almost six months to master the rules of the Tajweed.

03. Why Tajweed Course?

Mastering the Tajweed is essential for new learners for the following reasons:

  • Accurate Recitation: It ensures that the Quran is recited accurately, preserving its original meaning and message. By knowing the rules of Tajweed, new learners can avoid mispronouncing words or altering their meaning unintentionally.
  • Honoring the Quran: The Quran is a word of God; it is a must to respect it not only while handling it but also reciting it properly to convey the correct meaning is very important.
  • Elevating the Spiritual Satisfaction: Reciting the Quran with Tajweed can enhance your reading experience. The melodious and harmonious recitation can create a sense of tranquillity and bring you closer to God.
  • Enhancing your Understanding of the Arabic Language: Tajweed rules provide insights into the Arabic language. By understanding these rules, new learners can better understand the language and they will be more engaged in their recitation Quran’s text.
  • Confidence and Fluency: Mastering Tajweed instills confidence and fluency in Quran reciting. You will be more open to reciting the Quran in Public and it will improve your confidence.
  • Prerequisite for Proper Salah (Prayer): Quran recitation is part of prayers. Tajweed is essential for correctly reciting the Quranic verses in the prayers and ensuring that prayer is performed in a befitting manner.

04. What will you Learn in this Course? (Key Highlights and Course Outline)

  • Basics of Tajweed.
  • Makhaarij (Articulation Points of Letters).
  • Sifaat (Characteristics of Letters).
  • Qalqalah (Echoing Sounds).
  • Rules of Noon & Meem Mushaddadah.
  • Rules of Madd (Lengthening).
  • Rules of Qalb (Changing).
  • Waqa’f (Pausing & Stopping Rules).
  • Rules of Lam Al-Shamseeyah & Lam Al-Qamareeyah.
  • Levels of Tafkheem (Heavy) & Tarqeeq (Light).
  • Sakt (Silent Pause).
  • Ghunnah (Nasal Sound).
  • Idgham (Assimilation).

05. Objectives of the Course

  • To make non-Arab Muslims proficient in recitation of the Quran.
  • Error-free recitation.
  • To build a connection with Allah while reciting.
  • To make students capable of applying advanced Tajweed rules while reading the Quran.
  • To make students consciously follow the guidelines of Tajweed even reading the Quranic duas.
  • To improve their overall understanding of the Quran.

06. Levels of the Course

  • Level 1: Basics: It is for the novice students. It gives them a foundation in the basics of the Tajweed.
  • Level 2: Intermediate: At this stage, students become familiar with the rules of Tajweed. The focus is shifted to practicing its actual manifestation in the reading.
  • Level 3: Advanced: In this stage, the teacher focused on bringing eloquence in the recitation besides introducing the tougher rules. After the evaluation, Tajweed certificates are given to the students.

07. Conclusion:

In conclusion, the madrasaonline.org Tajweed course provide you with a transformative learning experience and deepens your understanding of the Quran with a focus on proper pronunciation and recitation. Throughout the course, students are required to recite the Quran with precision and beauty, adhering to the principles of Tajweed.

08. The course’s comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and user-friendly environment will not only gain mastery over the rules of Tajweed but also cultivate a profound connection with the sacred text, fostering a deeper spiritual engagement.

09. The emphasis on personalized feedback, interactive sessions, and the incorporation of modern technology have made madrasaonline.org a standout choice to study Tajweed.

10. The course fosters a sense of community among its diverse group of students, connecting individuals from various backgrounds through a shared commitment to Quranic learning.

11. In essence, the madrasaonline.org’s Tajweed course merges traditional Islamic teachings with contemporary online education methodologies, delivering a program that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures spiritual growth. After completing the course, students carry with them not only the skills of Tajweed but also a profound understanding of the beauty and significance of the Quran in their lives.