Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi, the chief of the verses of the Quran, has significant importance in Quran. To enlighten you and the whole Ummah, we have decided to write a comprehensive article on the significance of Ayatul Kursi. As its importance is uncountable and as much as the drops of ocean, still, we will cover it precisely and explicitly so you can get the best out of it. Ayatul Kursi is one of the big verses of the Holy Quran, and in Quran and Hadiths, its importance worth is highlighted on different occasions. So, don’t go anywhere; read the article till the end, and absorb as much knowledge about Ayatul Kursi as you can.

Ayatul Kursi in English:

For new Muslims, and even those who don’t read and understand Arabic, the following is the translation and transliteration of Ayatul Kursi in Engish.

Ayatul Kurssi transliteration in English:

Following is the transliteration of Ayatul Kursi in English;

“Allahu laaa ilaaha illaa huwal haiyul qai-yoom

laa taakhuzuhoo sinatunw wa laa nawm; lahoo maa fissamaawaati wa maa fil ard

man zallazee yashfa’u indahooo illaa be iznih

ya’lamu maa baina aideehim wa maa khalfahum

wa laa yuheetoona beshai ‘immin ‘ilmihee illa be maa shaaaa

wasi’a kursiyyuhus samaa waati wal arda wa la ya’ooduho hifzuhumaa

wa huwal aliyyul ‘azeem”

Ayatul Kursi in Arabic

Ayatul Kursi in Arabic

Ayatul Kursi translation in English:

The real beauty of Ayatul Kursi lies in its translation. Therefore, read it from the core of your heart in the following.

“Allah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence.

Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep.

To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.

Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission?

He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills.

His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not.

And He is the Highest, the Greatest.”

The reason behind writing the translation of Ayatul Kursi in English is it is an international language and is understood by the majority of the world. So, that’s why we decide to write it in English.

Importance of Ayatul Kursi:

No one can deny the importance, virtue, and benefits of Ayatul Kursi. There are several Hadiths of Nabi Kareem (S.A.W.) in which he endorsed its value.

Hadith on Ayatul Kursi:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has said much about Ayatul Kursi. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) quoted a Hadith from Allah’s Apostle in which he said, “Quran is a great word, and Surah-e-Baqarah is the leader of the Quran, and Ayatul Kursi is the leader of Surah-e-Baqarah. In Ayatul Kursi, there are 50 words, and for each word, there are 50 blessings and good in it.”

Ayatul Kursi is not only taught to the Hazrat Muhammad’s Ummah but it was also taught to Hazrat Musa (A.S.).

“Allah Almighty told Hazrat Musa (A.S.), “If one recites it after every namaz, the Almighty will make his heart a thankful one (Shakireen), will give him a reward of the Prophets, and his deeds will be like those of the truthful (Siddiqeen) and nothing except death will stop him from going into heaven.”

Hazrat Askee Baqri reported that Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) came to the abode of the Muhajireen when one person asked, “In the Quran Kareem, which is the loftiest Ayat?” Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) repeated, “Ayatul Kursi.”

Companions of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. on the importance of Ayatul Kursi:

The companions of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. knew the importance of Ayatul Kursi. They used to recite it in moments of worry. That’s why they continued the practice after the demised of the beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty, Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. The following are some of the quotes of the companions of Allah’s Apostle;

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said, “The chief of the Ayats of the Quran Kareem is Ayatul Kursi.”

Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A.) said, “Allah the Lofty did not create anything in the skies or on earth, in Jannat or Jahannam, loftier than Ayatul Kursi.”

Hazrat Ibn Masood (R.A.) also mentioned that no space in the sky or on the earth is loftier than Ayatul Kursi.

What Ayat is Ayat is Ayatul Kursi?

As there are 6666 verses (Ayat) in the Holy Quran, it might be hard for you to find the exact verse of Ayatul Kursi. Well, to know about what Ayat is Ayatul Kursi, you need to open Quran Majeed and then go to chapter 2, Surah Baqarah, and verse no. 255. From there, a long verse almost spread on 5 to 6 lines is Ayatul Kursi.

Why does Ayatul Kursi repel the Shaytan?

Ayatul Kursi has the power to repel Shaytan. Those who recite it at night will be in the refuge of Allah Almighty from the evil and evildoers. The Holy Prophet S.A.W. said, “Whoever recites the last 4 ayats of Surah-e-Baqarah, then Ayatul Kursi and then the last 3 ayats of Surah-e-Baqarah will not be inflicted with any kind of difficulty is his wealth or himself. Shaytan will not come near him, and he will not forget the Quran.

You can see how much significance Ayatul Kursi has, and it doesn’t end here. When you go outside of your home and recite Ayatul Kursi, you will be safe from accidents and other calamities. Also, a beautiful incident happened with Abu Huraira (R.A.). Let’s read the whole accident below.

Hazrat Abu Huraira (R.A.) narrated, “Allah’s Apostle ordered me to guard the Zakat revenue of Ramadan. Then somebody came to me and started stealing from the foodstuff. I caught him and said, “I will take you to Allah’s Messenger.” Then Abu Huraira described the whole narration and said: That person said (to me), “Please don’t take me to Allah’s Messenger, and I will tell you a few words by which Allah will benefit you. When you go to your bed, recite Ayatul Kursi, for then there will be a guard from Allah who will protect you all night long, and Shaytan will not be able to come near you till dawn.” (When the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. heard the story) he said (to me), “He (who came to you at night) told you the truth although he is a liar; it was Shaytan.”

The above Hadith shows the power and effect of Ayatul Kursi that even in your unconsciousness, it will be your guard, and Allah S.W.T. will save you from the impact of the evil eye and Shaytan.

Shaytan leaves home when Ayatul Kursi is recited:

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) narrated this Hadith from the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. that Allah’s Apostle said, “In Surah Al-Baqarah, there is an ayah, which is the best of all the ayahs of the Quran. It is never recited in a house, but Shaytan leaves Ayatul Kursi.”

Shaytan repels during the night:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said;

“By reciting it (Ayatul Kursi), there will be a guardian appointed over you from Allah who will protect you during the night, and Shaytan will not be able to come near you until morning.”


Our whole argument that the importance of Ayatul Kursi is clear like crystal. And Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. always highlighted its importance at every juncture. So, we need to recite it and read it daily.