Sadaqah in Islam

sadaqah in islam

Insight into sadaqah in Islam

Spending a part of your wealth to meet the expenses of those who are needy for the sake of the pleasure of Allah Almighty and expecting no worldly benefit out of it is called Sadaqah. Sadaqah is one of the most preferred deeds according to the holy teachings of Islam. Here we are going to discuss some important Dos and Don’ts regarding the performing of this virtuous act. But first, we explain the significance and purpose of the Sadaqah.

Purposes of Sadaqah in Islam

As aforesaid, one who gives sadaqah doesn’t expect any return from those to whom he gives sadaqah; but Allah Almighty promises many benefits out of sadaqah. Sadaqah carries countless returns for not only this life but also for the life hereafter. There are many Hadith that inspire sadaqah. Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) said, “Sadaqah conciliates the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death.” (Tirmidhi)

According to another Hadith, Sadaqah stands in the way of calamity. (Tirmidhi)

Sadaqah and purification of Nafs

Our wealth is a blessing of Allah and He will ask us about how we spend it. Spending wealth as a sadaqah purifies our Nafs. No matter how much huge treasures of wealth one has, he will have that many ways to spend that wealth. So, separating a portion of it and giving it to anyone as Sadaqah will surely cause difficulty. In this way, sadaqah purifies Nafs as it induces the inspiration of life hereafter.

Sadaqah increases our wealth

Seems that the sadaqah lessens our wealth, but the reality is somehow the opposite. Sadaqah increases our wealth rather. This is the promise of Allah Almighty that He will return you manifold. Whenever Allah intends to do any act, he says “KUN”, and the act is duly accomplished. He needs no worldly arrangements. He provides unlimited wealth to those whom He wants. So, Allah Almighty pays back manifolds to those who do sadaqah. In simple words, we can say that a sadaqah is a form of investment. We get it back with huge profit and in the life hereafter, we will receive an even greater reward.

Sadaqah Reduces hardships

 Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran that He tests us to see who has strong faith in Him. You can see that even the holy messengers had various hardships in their lives. Sometimes they suffer financially and at times they had to bear the grief of their offspring. The purpose of such testing is to know how firmly we remain attached to Allah’s commands. But, we pray to Allah to save us from such hardships and Sadaqah is the best way to protect ourselves from the hardships. Sadaqah eases the difficulties and tough periods and removes sorrows from our lives.

A misconception regarding Sadaqah

As sadaqah circulates the money from the rich to the poor, it also promotes brotherhood in society. It helps to create a balanced economic system. But one misconception regarding Sadaqah is that many people think it relates to wealth or tangibles. This is not the reality. Islam emphasizes Sadaqah which involves a variety of deeds. It includes even a smile. If we greet someone with a smile, Allah Almighty will give us the reward of Sadaqah. Nonetheless, there are some Islamic rulings about it which we have to consider like a smile to nonpermissible (Naa Mehram) is a sin.

But this instance is explained here only to describe the wide range of sadaqah. Similarly, a variety of good deeds and Zikar are also Sadaqah. Here we can drive that the insight into the purpose of Sadaqah lies in creating ease for one another and helping one another. All which comes within the ambit of this phenomenon is a virtue and Sadaqah is one of such virtues.

Rules of Sadaqah in Islam

Our beloved Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) has defined some well-settled rules about doing sadaqah; some very important guidelines are narrated below:

Do sadaqah in a modest way

The motivation for doing sadaqah should be the pleasure of Allah Almighty. For this purpose, try to do sadaqah modestly. This will be better if you do sadaqah to those whom you don’t know. There is a prevailing bad practice in our society to ask for prayers in return for Sadaqah. This may hurt the feelings of those who take sadaqah wealth. Moreover, it also may come in the category of deeds of show off.

Do sadaqah secretly

Another wrong practice regarding sadaqah is doing it publicly. Some people do it privately but then make public posts on their social media. The proper way to do sadaqah is doing it quite secretly. You should not even make any personal memo. Being Muslim, we must have believed that all our good and bad deeds are being recorded and our Lord will reward them according to in the most justifiable manner.

Sadaqah begins from home

Our beloved Prophet (S.A.W.W) said that the best sadaqah is spending for the needs of your sister or daughter who has come back to you after divorce or the death of her husband. In such cases, one thing should be considered that there must be no element of Ahsaan in your behavior or the behavior of your household towards them.

In the end, we pray to Allah Almighty to make us among those who do sadaqah maximum both in good times and the bad times.

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