Easy Ways How to Read the Quran?

How to Read the Quran

We should be grateful that we have entered the fold of Islam, whether by birth or through conversion. Upon entering Islam, there are certain responsibilities that we must fulfill. Otherwise, we are ruining our lives in this world and the hereafter. One such responsibility is to read the Quran and learn from it. As Muslims, recitation of the Quran and acting upon its injunctions is mandatory. We cannot and must deviate from the word of God. These days, many of us are facing problems in learning the Quran.

Problems To Read The Quran Online

Previously, people didn’t worry about sending their kids to seminary or mosque for Quran lessons. These places were a source of great knowledge. The tutors were people with great knowledge of the Quran and Islam. Some preferred to have the tutors come to their homes. Either way, there was no problem with such arrangements. The kids recited the Quran and learned from it. It is how it has been going generation after generation.

However, recently Quran tutors, seminaries, and mosques are associated with a new scandal every day. Child abuse cases against Quran tutors are on the rise. Even seminaries and mosques have become areas where kids are molested or trained for extremist purposes. As a result, parents are afraid to send their children to such places or even invite a Quran tutor to their home.

The consequence of this is that many Muslims are growing up without knowing how to read the Quran. This is a dangerous phenomenon and must be countered. In this article, we will guide you on how to read the Quran online. The reason for online is due to the problems associated with offline Quran classes.

How to Read The Quran Online

Some of you might be saying that the correct terminology is ‘reciting the Quran’ instead of ‘reading the Quran’. Granted, you are right, but the problem is today’s generation. As they are growing up without Quran teachings, there is still a lot that they need to learn. Unsurprisingly, due to proper guidance and teachings, they are searching for ‘how to read the Quran’ on Google. Now, let us talk about how they can do so.

Search for Online Quran Tutors

The first thing to do is search for ‘online Quran tutors’ on Google. Try searching words like ‘Quran classes’, ‘Learn Quran with Tajweed, or ‘how to learn Quran’. You can search on social media too. One thing that you will notice is that there are so many websites and social media pages that it is certainly surprising.


While searching, we recommend that you make a list of websites or social media pages that you find the most attractive. The attraction might be due to the website design, information, or anything else. These things do not matter. All you need to focus on is shortlist the websites that you think are attractive.

Go Through Their Reviews

After you have shortlisted a few Quran tutors, start going through their reviews. Some of them will have outstanding reviews while others will have a poor or mediocre ratings. It is best to stick to the ones that have the highest rating. If they have a social media page, go through the comments section. The comments from other users will tell you a lot about their reputation.

Take a Free Class

Once you are done going through the reviews, ask them for a free class. The purpose of this class is to help you understand whether the tutor is the right fit for you. Ask as many questions regarding the Quran classes as possible.


If you think that you have found a tutor that is the right fit for you, close the deal. Finalize the timings, fees, and other things. Once done, don’t miss out on any classes. This is how you can learn to read the Quran while being safe and from the convenience of your home.