How to Learn Arabic

how to learn Arabic

Kudos! You have decided to learn Arabic. This is a demanding yet rewarding undertaking. Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world, with roughly four-twenty million people speaking it. How to learn Arabic? Though Arabic is a simple language to learn, it contains underlying concepts that make it difficult for novices to understand. Especially for those who reside in countries where other languages are spoken besides Arabic.

Learning a new language comes with its own set of problems and difficulties. There are several crucial factors that can propel you to success in being smooth and fluent. You begin with words, phrases, grammar, and vocabulary and conclude on a high note with fluency in Arabic. We sincerely feel that the solution to “How to Learn Arabic” is practice, practice, and more practice. If you want to study Arabic correctly, you must immerse yourself in it. Aside from that, you may learn Arabic through watching Arabic movies.

The Quranic language

As Muslims, our first obligation is to offer our prayers and read Quran. Astoundingly, Quran was revealed in Arabic. Thus, the prayers also contain Quranic verses in Arabic, making it difficult for Muslims all over the world to understand. But what is the Quran if you don’t understand it? Hence, through studying Arabic, you will have a deeper knowledge of the Quran and its significance. You will have a greater understanding of the Quran and build a stronger bond with Allah Almighty. Furthermore, knowing Arabic not only aids in the introduction of meanings to you, but it also aids in the memorizing of the Quran.

“And we have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?”

Comprehending Quranic Verses

You can easily understand the meanings of Quranic verses if you know Arabic. They will provide you with a deeper grasp of life, making it easier for you to integrate it into your own life. For Muslims, the Quran is extremely important. It directs us in the right direction, making it simpler to form a relationship with Allah Almighty. The Quran is made up of Allah’s orders, words, and principles that he wants us to follow; picture the prize you would receive if you study it thoroughly. Furthermore, if reading one word of the Quran results in ten good actions, consider how many good deeds we will receive if we read it with Arabic linguistic knowledge.

Importance of Arabic Language

The Quran exemplifies elegance and brilliance. Its significance cannot be overstated. Even non-believers recognize the significance of the Quran. No mortal can ever produce literature that is comparable to the Quran; it is undeniably a book of God. It is unrivaled in terms of creative output. You must learn Arabic to fully comprehend it. Otherwise, you would be denied its grandeur and unable to grasp the intricacies and accuracy of its words.

Travel Opportunities

Learning a new language brings you new travel opportunities. Aside from its undeniable Islamic significance, studying Arabic is a great way to open yourself up to new travel prospects. Learning Arabic will broaden your horizons.

Evade Mistakes

Understanding Arabic, allows you to rapidly erase any errors and inaccurate information, particularly concerning your faith. This has become quite prevalent since many people prefer to cite Quranic passages out of the frame of reference, convey false information about our faith, or give poor translations. This problem can be swiftly overcome if you have a real, in-depth comprehension of both your faith and the Holy Quran.

How to Learn Arabic

There are several methods for learning Arabic. You can hire an instructor or purchase books that demonstrate Arabic notation. However, learning online is an optimal and preferable method. Yes, you read that correctly. With the pandemic at its pinnacle, virtual learning is a more convenient approach to learning Arabic. The best part is that you will have access to excellent and highly qualified professors that will aid you in learning Arabic in an acceptable manner.