Steps to Read the Quran

Steps to read the Quran

5 Steps to Read the Quran

Quran Kareem is the sanctified book sent by Allah on his last and beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Quran Majeed is the only book that is unchanged, and nobody in this whole world has the power to change Al-Quran like previous books because Allah himself took the responsibility of its protection. In Quran, Allah says, “We have, without doubt, sent down the message, and we will assuredly guard it.” So, nobody can alter the sacred book that is in the protection of Allah. Allah sent this sacred book for the betterment of humanity. Quran Majeed is the complete code of conduct of life. By following it, one can attain success in life and hereafter.

Quran has an answer to all the questions that may arise in the mind of people. Quran Kareem reveals the mysteries of the universe, the purpose of life. Also, the Quran in Arabic was sent down 1400 years ago when there was no symbol of science and technology. Still, the Al-Quran comprises all the scientific facts that scientists are discovering in today’s world, for instance, the point of meeting of seas, big crunch theory, etc. This shows that the Quran is Allah’s word and is obligatory for Muslims to read Quran. Following are the five steps to reading the Quran in Arabic.

  1. Good Intentions
  2. Ablution
  3. Learning of Arabic Alphabets
  4. Flawless Articulation of Al-Quran
  5. Consult Accurate Transaltion

1.     Good Intentions

The first step in reading the Quran is to have good intentions. While approaching and reading the Al-Quran, the person’s heart must be holy and sincere, pure from all the evil intentions. While reading the Quran, one must remember Allah and know the purpose behind reading and understanding Al-Quran. Furthermore, Quran recitation should be done only for Allah, not for the world’s benefit or show off. Reading an Al-Quran is basically like talking with Allah. We cannot see Allah, but we can speak with Allah through Al-Quran and namaaz. Through the recitation, you can get closer to Allah. Asa result, your intentions must be pure and good.

2.     Ablution

When reading the Quran Majeed, always keep in mind that it is not any ordinary book. But a sacred book comprises Allah’s words, so preparation is needed. You are supposed to perform ablution to pure yourself. Furthermore, the sandals and shoes must not have on as these are some of the rules that must be followed while reading the Quran.

3.     Learning of Arabic Alphabets

The third step out of the five steps to read the Quran Majeed is to learn the Arabic Alphabet as the Quran is in Arabic, so the reader must be familiar with the Arabic Alphabet. There are 28 different letters in Arabic, and every letter is unique and has a distinctive meaning. Also, one must be aware of the articulation of the notes and pronounce them correctly.

4.     Flawless Articulation of Al-Quran

The Flawless articulation of the Quran Kareem is crucial as a mispronunciation of even one word can alter the meaning of the Quran. So, it should be read with proper Tajweed, which means the perfect pronunciation of Quranic Verses. To earn the good deeds, one must ensure that the appropriate laws of Tajweed are followed while reciting the Al-Quran.

5.     Consult Accurate Translation

Although the Quran is in Arabic and Muslims are supposed to read Quran Verses in Arabic, for the understanding of Quran Majeed, one can take the support of accurate translations. Muslims should read Quran with understanding. There are many different of Quran Kareem in one language. The Sahih translations are considered more accurate. By reading the translation of the Quran and the Arabic Quranic Verses, one can understand the Quran better. You can understand the context of the Quranic Verses and the message Allah intends to deliver. Then by acting upon it, you can gain a set of good deeds and prosperity in both worlds.

Wrapping Up

Reciting the Quran is the foremost way to earn the blessings of Allah. It is clear that Quran will testify in favor of those who read it. So, to earn good deeds, Muslims must read Quran and follow the aforementioned five steps.