Tahjjud Prayer


Importance of Tahjjud Prayer

Tahajjud (Arabic: keeping vigil), in Islamic practice, is the recitation of the Quran (Islamic sacred writings) and supplications during the evening. Tahajjud is by and large viewed as sunnah (custom) and not farḍ (commitment).  In a few Muslim nations, an authority evening adhan (call for supplication) has been organized.

Tahajjud, otherwise called the “night petition“, is a willful supplication performed by adherents of Islam. It isn’t one of the five compulsory petitions expected of all Muslims, albeit the Islamic prophet, Muhammad ﷺ was recorded as playing out the tahajjud supplication routinely himself and empowering his friends as well.

Proof in the Qur’an:

In Fiqh As-Sunnah, Sheik Sayyid Sabiq explains regarding the matter of Tahajjud as follows:

Furthermore, during a piece of the evening, keep alert by the petition. Its past is occupant on you; perhaps your Lord will raise you to a place of incredible glory.

Furthermore, they spend the late evening prostrating themselves before their Lord and standing.

Proof in the hadith:

Close to these Qur’anic stanzas, there likewise exist various hadiths (described and affirmed customs from Muhammad ﷺ) that build up the significance of Tahajjud Prayer. In different hadiths, it has been referenced as Qiyamul Layl (remaining of the night), Salatul Layl (supplication of the night), and Tahajjud.

As per Islam:

During the night when tahajjud is performed, Allah drops to the most minimal paradise to see who is devotedly venerating and awakening in the evening. Then, at that point, in somewhere else,

 Allah said:

“Furthermore from [part of] the evening, ask with it as extra [worship] for you; normally, your Lord will restore you to an applauded station.”

It is additionally asserted that the Tahajjud petition gives tolerance when confronted with challenges. Tahajjud is known to carry harmony to the bothered heart when drilled day by day.

“Also the workers of the Most Merciful [Allah] are the individuals who stroll upon the earth effectively, and when the oblivious location them [harshly], they say [words of] harmony, and dedicate [part of] the night to their Lord prostrating and standing [in prayer].”

He said that means:

The most essential petition after the required supplication is the night supplication (tahajjud petition)


Allah the magnified has said, no captive of mine can look for proximity to me with much else commendable than what I made mandatory unto him. My balm then, at that point, keeps on looking for my proximity with extra Nafl salat until I begin cherishing him. Whenever I love him, I become his ears with which he hears, his eyes with which he sees, his hands with which he holds, and his legs with which he strolls, and on the off chance that he appeals to God for something, I award it to him, and assuming he looks for my security, I give it to him.

In Sahih Bukhari,

During the hour of tahajjud Allah is searching out, is there anybody asking who needs to request me for any of their requirements for I am here to help them and satisfy those necessities of yours?

Sub Han Allah

As described by Abu Hurairah (RA): Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: “The most phenomenal petition after that which is compulsory is the (willful) late night supplication.

Tahajjud Time:

To perform tahajjud means the demonstration of ascending from rest during the evening and afterward praying.

Tahajjud might be acted in the early piece of the evening, the centerpiece of the evening, or the later piece of the evening, yet after the required Isha supplication.

Remarking regarding this matter, Ibn Hajar says:

There was no particular time wherein the Prophet (harmony and favors arrive) would play out his night Prayer; yet he used to do whatever was least demanding for him.

The best and ideal opportunity for tahajjud is the last third piece of the evening.” (Abu Hurairah: Fiqh)

‘Amr ibn ‘Absah asserted that he heard Muhammad as saying:

The nearest that a worker comes to his Lord is during the center of the last option piece of the evening. Assuming you can be among the individuals who recollect Allah the Exalted One around then, then, at that point, do as such.

Allah Says:

O you wrapped in your clothes! Stand all night in prayer˺ aside from a little prayer a large portion of the evening, or somewhat less, or somewhat more, and discuss the Quran properly in a deliberate manner.

How many Rakats:

Tahajjud Prayer does not entail a specific number of rak`ahs that must be performed, nor is there any maximum limit that may be performed. It would be fulfilled even if one prayed just one rak`ah of Witr after `Ishaa’; however, it is traditionally prayed with at least two rak’at which is known as shif’a followed by witr as this is what Muhammad ﷺ did before fajr Abdullah ibn Umar narrated that

Muhammad said:

“Salatul Layl (Night PrayerTahajjud) is offered as two rak’at followed by two rak’at and (so on) and if anyone is afraid of the approaching dawn (Fajr prayer) he should pray one rak’at and this will be a Witr for all the rak’at which he has prayed before.”Bukhari, Hadith 990

The quantity of rak’ahs isn’t restricted, however, something like two rak’ahs with one greeting (salam) for each two rak’ahs.

Tahajjud petitions can be performed for two, four, six, eight, and twelve rak’ahs – yet it tends to be done however much as could be expected by your capacity.

Yet, what is more significant, some way or another is done in istiqamah (steady) consistently regardless of whether it is just finished two rak’ahs.

The execution of this technique for tahajjud supplication is equivalent to other sunnah petitions.

How to perform tahajjud prayer

Tahajjud supplication is done similarly to what required petitions are.

  • In the first place, make the Niyyah (goal) by presenting, “I expect to perform two rakats of salat al Tahajjud,” and afterward, in the first rakkat, say the takbir “Allahu Akbar.” This is the place where the supplication starts. Start with “Subhanaka.”
  • In the wake of saying: “Audhubillahi Min-debris shaytanir-rajeem then Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem”
  • Start by presenting Surah Al-Fatiha, then, at that point, one more Surah from the Qur’an.
  • From that point onward, bow in Ruku and say, “SubahaanaRabbiyal Azeem.”
  • From that point onward, we enter the primary Sajdah and say, “SubahaanaRabbiyalAa’la.”
  • We then, at that point, ascend from the principal Sajdah in jalsa position (between the two Sajdah) and enter the second Sajdah, saying, “SubahaanaRabbiyalAa’la.”
  • As we ascend to start the second raka’at we rehash the cycle from the main, then, at that point, we say “SubahaanaRabbiyalAa’la” after the second Sajdah. After that, you sit for the whole Tashshahud, including At-tahiyyat, Drood-e-Ibrahimi, and Rabbana.
  • Start by going on your right side and saying “Assalamualaikum waRahmatullah,” then, at that point, go on your left side and rehash.

Advantages of Tahajjud Prayer:

This favored supplication carries Muslims nearer to the Almighty and brings harmony and brilliance into their life. The significance of Tahajjud supplication is accentuated in the Holy Quran and a few Hadiths.

 Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“What’s more they who spend the late evening prostrating themselves before their Lord and standing.”

(Section 25:64 of the Quran)

The Holy Quran additionally specifies that the individuals who give time to Tahajjud petition accomplish extraordinary advantages.

“What’s more He will give him from (sources) he never could envision. What’s more whosoever places his confidence in Allah, then, at that point, He will do the trick to him. Verily, Allah will achieve his motivation. Without a doubt, Allah has set an action for all things.”

(Surah Talaq Ch 65, V3)

As per Islam, during the night when tahajjud is performed, Allah plummets to the most minimal paradise to see who is devotedly venerating and awakening in the evening. Then, at that point, in somewhere else, Allah said:

“Also from [part of] the evening, ask with it as extra [worship] for you; normally, your Lord will revive you to an adulated station.”

(Quran, 17: 79)

It is additionally guaranteed that the Tahajjud supplication gives persistence when confronted with challenges. Tahajjud is known to carry harmony to the bothered heart when drilled day by day.

“Also the workers of the Most Merciful [Allah] are the people who stroll upon the earth effectively, and when the uninformed location them [harshly], they say [words of] harmony, and dedicate [part of] the night to their Lord prostrating and standing [in prayer].”

(Quran 25:63-64)

Tahajjud petition is quite possibly the most valuable non-compulsory supplication since it is the wellspring of Allah’s incredible gifts and benevolence. Hadith expresses that:

‘Consistently, when 33% of the night stays, the Lord plunges to the most reduced paradise and says, ‘Who will call upon Me, that I might respond to Him?’ Who will ask Me for something, and I will give it to him? Who will come to Me and request absolution, with the goal that I might excuse him?”

(Bukhari, Muslim)

Tahajjud petition is likewise viewed as awesome of the intentional supplications; one critical advantage of performing Tahajjud is that it supports the goal of day-by-day issues. While playing out this petition, one forsakes every single common concern and confides in Allah. Whenever an adherent acquiescences their whole life to the Almighty, the incomparable power helps with different channels. Allah’s Messenger told us to implore around evening time, regardless of whether it was a bit or a ton.

 As per the Prophet (Muhammad ):

Consistently, there is a period during the night when the Muslim doesn’t request the purpose of this world’s or the Afterlife’s great, however, it is given to him.”

Tahajjud petition is useful because it gives internal strength and mental harmony. It is likewise fit for keeping sin and evil from happening. Besides, as indicated by Islamic practice, the third piece of the night is the best and ideal opportunity to make wishes/duas.

Prophet Muhammad () expressed:

“The Lord is nearest to His slave in the late hours of the evening, so It would be awesome if you would be among the individuals who recollect Allah. around then, do as such.”

 According to Imam al-Ghazali:

  • To scrub our hearts of any contempt for different Muslims.
  • To constantly have the dread in our souls for God and understand that our lives are exceptionally short.
  • To comprehend the advantages of tahajjud.
  • To adore God and have solid confidence when we awaken around evening time supplications’ calling’ Allah.

(Al-Tirmidhi and al-Nisaa’i)

“Which late-night petition is the best?” Abu Muslim enquired regarding abuZar. “I posed Allah’s Messenger a similar inquiry you did, and he said,

“It’s done in the night by few individuals.”

Discussion And His deeds Contains Hikmah (Wisdom)

To be sure, the attributes of the individuals who accept are the people who keep up with the habits and discourse of their words.

This bunch unquestionably doesn’t discuss disregard, however every one of their words is helpful and astute.

Also, in the deeds and activities of the people who generally attempt to avoid disregard and competition to do great, that moves nearer to Allah.

The night supplication is a once-in-a-lifetime chance proposed to individuals to fortify their relationship with Allah.

At 33% of the evening, the entryway of Heaven opened wide to get the apology of His workers.

Affliction is felt exclusively by the people who once in a long while or never make it happen, yet for the conventional individuals, it turns into a delight in any case.

The individuals who can see the value in it will feel a huge misfortune whenever left behind from playing out the petitions.


In sha Allah Tala we can foster the propensity to ask this nafl salah, particularly during the period of Ramadan when the prizes are increased, entryways to paradise are open, and when the work expected to implore this salah is a lot more straightforward.

“For sure, I am Allah. There is no divinity except Me, so love Me and layout supplication for My recognition.” Surah Taha Ayah 14

May Allah sub hana hu wa ta’ala safeguard every one of us. AMEEN SUMA AMEEN